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Game 5
The first real Dungeon

Ok, so it was still a little tainted, and Ross is still thinking of drawing up a new character, but other then that it went well.

The party headed into the Kobold warrens and got a little turned around. After finding the first yellow musk creeper, you headed back into the kobolds themselves. They set up some ambush/traps and you kept pushing… until you got to the goblin king.

So the Goblin king…

OOG: Razz was always ambitious, but relatively good for a goblin. (He was LN) His older brother Kail on the other hand was always just a thug. The two of them wanted more then to just live in the hobgoblin kingdom and be ruled over. Then one day everything changed.
A goblin woman walked out of the deepest darkest part of the underdark. She was weak and hurt, and for some reason bluish purple. She would have been killed just for the crime of being different, except the two brothers took her away.
Razz stole a crown and tried to set himself up as a Goblin king two or three places, but even with his thug brother and his brother’s lover who was telekintetic he didn’t have the power to rule over anyone… until he got his second lucky break… finding the sword.
The Kobolds where the beginning, he was planning on creating a new goblin kingdom.

You stopped him, but that is far from the end. There is still Gnoll Demon whorshipers trying to plant hellseeds, and the hobgoblin empire, and even worse… the Elves are coming.

Game 4
Invasion and assualt

Ok, that was a bitch… infact I dare someone to describe it without using the word cluster.

The Kobolds attacked and the town repelled the invasion. Now Ken got knocked down but John got him back up. Ross got knocked out but Starlight (npc) got him patched up. The PCs then looked into the info gathered by simon from the Koblds and things started to go down hill (my fault I should have seen the problem when torture was mentioned. Star light suggested that instead of waiting for the town to respond to the attack because there would be a large debate, a small team could go counter attack and maybe cut the head off the threat (kill or stop goblins egging on kobolds) John wanted to do so… but Ross didn’t. Instead of going right out Ross told Dee what you guys were planning… a few feet from baale, then went back to the church to meet up, and surprise surprise baale showed up to convince you not to go… Now like I said at game. yes, it is an assassination like ross said, and yes like john said it is also like SEAL Team 6… if we want to do all the shades of grey and moral and political crap I can… but if we just want 4 color go do generic fantasy beat the bad guys I can do that too… what I can’t do is keep going like this…
Game 3
Capture the Kobold

The legend of Lawbringer… the story deepens.

The goblin is riling up the kobolds, and is using the hilt of a broken artifact to do it… the mysteries that started here will echo through out the game.
Game 2
Into the woods

Another slow one (that’s what you get at level 1) but I had fun. Twice we hunted goblins and once we fought an oger.

The Oger wasn’t a punishment It was an XP boost. I managed to drop all my hits this time though… Gnoll Demon worshipers in the mountins, Ogers living in the woods… and Kobolds in the foothills between. (and 3 goblins running around.) All 3 dreams have meaning as well. You got to meet Start light the Bard Tonight, and Lt Arilius the Hobgoblin with the Shatter spike. You learned that in my world we separate goblins and orcs by how smart and tough they are. And you may not know it yet…but you have started a path to the secret war,,,
Game 1
character gen

Well character creation had some snags, the in play part went rather well.

I enjoy the initiative system, and if you noticed 2 of the kobolds were rolling d8’s. if not it is just a way to make things run a little faster. I didn’t do everything I wanted to with the warren, but that was a good intro. things will hopeful progress from here even though I felt a little stiff, both in NPC dialog and flow of the encounters (happens with new systems) I forgot to give out some of the hints I was planning on so I just need to work them in next week. All in all I would grade it a 6 out of 10…

plot point recap

Something has 1 of 2 sets of kobolds (foot hill warrian) wound up enough to pick a fight with a caravan, but still scared enough to run from the light of a tourch. There are magic leather boxes that help casters around the area… the local bar owner has ALOT of money laying around and knows more then he is letting on…

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