Points of Light

Game 1

character gen

Well character creation had some snags, the in play part went rather well.

I enjoy the initiative system, and if you noticed 2 of the kobolds were rolling d8’s. if not it is just a way to make things run a little faster. I didn’t do everything I wanted to with the warren, but that was a good intro. things will hopeful progress from here even though I felt a little stiff, both in NPC dialog and flow of the encounters (happens with new systems) I forgot to give out some of the hints I was planning on so I just need to work them in next week. All in all I would grade it a 6 out of 10…

plot point recap

Something has 1 of 2 sets of kobolds (foot hill warrian) wound up enough to pick a fight with a caravan, but still scared enough to run from the light of a tourch. There are magic leather boxes that help casters around the area… the local bar owner has ALOT of money laying around and knows more then he is letting on…



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