Points of Light

Game 2

Into the woods

Another slow one (that’s what you get at level 1) but I had fun. Twice we hunted goblins and once we fought an oger.

The Oger wasn’t a punishment It was an XP boost. I managed to drop all my hits this time though… Gnoll Demon worshipers in the mountins, Ogers living in the woods… and Kobolds in the foothills between. (and 3 goblins running around.) All 3 dreams have meaning as well. You got to meet Start light the Bard Tonight, and Lt Arilius the Hobgoblin with the Shatter spike. You learned that in my world we separate goblins and orcs by how smart and tough they are. And you may not know it yet…but you have started a path to the secret war,,,



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