Points of Light

Game 4

Invasion and assualt

Ok, that was a bitch… infact I dare someone to describe it without using the word cluster.

The Kobolds attacked and the town repelled the invasion. Now Ken got knocked down but John got him back up. Ross got knocked out but Starlight (npc) got him patched up. The PCs then looked into the info gathered by simon from the Koblds and things started to go down hill (my fault I should have seen the problem when torture was mentioned. Star light suggested that instead of waiting for the town to respond to the attack because there would be a large debate, a small team could go counter attack and maybe cut the head off the threat (kill or stop goblins egging on kobolds) John wanted to do so… but Ross didn’t. Instead of going right out Ross told Dee what you guys were planning… a few feet from baale, then went back to the church to meet up, and surprise surprise baale showed up to convince you not to go… Now like I said at game. yes, it is an assassination like ross said, and yes like john said it is also like SEAL Team 6… if we want to do all the shades of grey and moral and political crap I can… but if we just want 4 color go do generic fantasy beat the bad guys I can do that too… what I can’t do is keep going like this…



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