Points of Light

Game 5

The first real Dungeon

Ok, so it was still a little tainted, and Ross is still thinking of drawing up a new character, but other then that it went well.

The party headed into the Kobold warrens and got a little turned around. After finding the first yellow musk creeper, you headed back into the kobolds themselves. They set up some ambush/traps and you kept pushing… until you got to the goblin king.

So the Goblin king…

OOG: Razz was always ambitious, but relatively good for a goblin. (He was LN) His older brother Kail on the other hand was always just a thug. The two of them wanted more then to just live in the hobgoblin kingdom and be ruled over. Then one day everything changed.
A goblin woman walked out of the deepest darkest part of the underdark. She was weak and hurt, and for some reason bluish purple. She would have been killed just for the crime of being different, except the two brothers took her away.
Razz stole a crown and tried to set himself up as a Goblin king two or three places, but even with his thug brother and his brother’s lover who was telekintetic he didn’t have the power to rule over anyone… until he got his second lucky break… finding the sword.
The Kobolds where the beginning, he was planning on creating a new goblin kingdom.

You stopped him, but that is far from the end. There is still Gnoll Demon whorshipers trying to plant hellseeds, and the hobgoblin empire, and even worse… the Elves are coming.



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