This is where the story starts…

PCs are all from the area around or the city itself. PCs are 1st level as created using the Myth and Magic book. The Sheriff , Two wizards, town priest and 3 business owners sit on a counsel that makes the rules of the city. The city has a small wall (about 3 and a half feet tall) around it, and keeps the goblins and kobolds out. The Sheriff is a stone faced orc named Deadra. She came out of the north ten years ago, and has been the head of the militia and town guard for the last 8 years. She sits on the town council. She has three full time deputies and eight part time militia. Deputy Galen has been there longer then Deadra and had a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Deputy Kip is just a kid getting his own training. Deputy Davros is a Dwarven adventurer who is retired but helps out. The town blacksmith is Valen the elf who is second generation in this town (saying a lot for elven generations) his minor magic mixed with being one of the best trained smiths in the world makes him a unique addition to the town. The town Seamstress is Thiard the dwarven master craftsman who can make some of the finest cloaks and boots. It is known that he had a family in another town that grew too big, his wife and three children didn’t survive the raids the Hobgoblin forces made.

Leanna runs the general store and is an old adventurer that used to travel with one of the town deputies. She has a family that she tries to keep a low profile. She sits on the town council.

The local bar is known as the six pointed triangle. It’s owner Simon is a bit of a grey hat, and some people think he has links to the local thieves guilds. He’s a gruff pragmatist who gets along well with the sheriff and buts head with the church. He sits on the town council

Starlight a red headed half elf woman who mostly works at the six pointed triangle, and she is a bard story teller. A beautiful 55 year old who looks like a hot 30 human.

The local Church is headed by Baale, the priest who came to town 18 years ago with his sick wife. He preaches 3 times a week. He is a bit odd, but a good guy (maybe the best guy in town) but he has goldish tinted skin and after 18 years looks not a day older then when he came to town. Every Friday night he brings flowers to his wife’s grave. He sits on the town council

Gail runs a the local Apothacary shop, and has a partner and husband that helps out every once in a while named Nicuit. She has been here most of her life, he has only been here the last five years.

Jaiines and Ineus are both pale skinned wizards that drifted into town three years ago. No one is quite sure there relationship, some say siblings some say man and wife. They took over the last fully standing watch tower. Between the two of them they have one vote on the town council. Jaiines is and Abjurer and Ineus is a Evocer

Nine months ago the Ravana family from the far east moved into the area around town. They are about a dozen haflings gypsies. They sell charms and liquor and have four fourtian tellers and dancers at night. The old man running the family is a 60 year old rogue, but the true power lies not with him and the other minor talents, but his mother Visstra is a true seer and maker of magic charms. Some of them are even for sale. The walled part of the city is 4 roads in a basic # pattern. The wagons and tents of the Ravana family are just outside the east wall. There are also 6 families of farms, 4 with mixes of plants and animals, one with just orchards, and one is almost entirely animals and horses. There are 2 kobold warrens are hidden within the area around the farms. Important Locations: Town hall- The console sits here and the Sheriff and Deputies are based here. Councle meetings are held here. Local library- The six pointed triangle (bar)- Church of the sky gods- Our lady of dragons convent/monastery- The crypt cemetery- The three fallen guard towers (east watch south watch north watch)- West watch now a wizard tower- The gypsy camp- The lighting tree park (tree it self and wishing well)- Holidays:

The long day- The first day of summer is a large celebration, with a ritual hunt and games like capture the flag and all the people set up small tents and sell food and wears. It is a fun day of frolicking…
The long night- The first day of winter is also a large celebration, one meant to hold back the night. Legends tell of dark riders and ghosts walking the world. Most people gather with family and friends around the fire. The true meaning of the celebration is to eat the foods that are starting to go bad, and have lasted half way through.
Harvest day- Just at the beginning of fall, the night that everyone finishes the harvest there is a bondfire lite in the pit by lighting tree park and everyone drinks cider and prepares for the cold coming.
Thanksgiving- just at the begiing of spring is the day everyone gives thanks for making it through another winter.
End of year- what it says on the tin…


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